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White Slaves of Asia

A few years ago Lee Kuan Yew aid Australia would become the white slaves of Asia. Howard’s ignorance and prejudice, recognition and rewarding of mediocrity and corruption has got us there. Howard sends a letter to Japanese PM asking him to stop whaling, this is Howard punching/pulling above his weight. No economic independence or clout to back it up, just jump up and down in UN or any where that Australia can get an audience, Australia had observers on Japanese fishing boats while they where ripping the guts out of the Southern Ocean fish stocks, and all they got was a heap of paper with squiggles all over it. The Asian and Pacific leaders are playing with Howard while the sycophant press in Canberra are making out he is a giant on the world stage.

How a country with 200 years of European history and 100yrs of self govt. could produce a class of clowns like Howard, Costello (and his fucking facist mates at the HR Nichols Society, the nearest thing Australia has to a home-grown terrorist organization; they thrive on ignorance and prejudice) Abbot, “one man’s pay rise is another man’s job; Downer; Hugh Organ, a corrupt and incompetent fool, just ask Wally King; Wally King, a corrupt and incompetent fool, ask Hugh Organ; Don’t do anything, don’t resist, Don Argusstill coming to terms with what Brian Gilbertson did to him; Margeret Jackson, after helping BHP to lose $13 billion, describes it as a learning experience, Heffernan, Howard’s hit-man; Peacock, Elliot; Reith, another corrupt and incompetent fool; Cosgrove, Cole; Blamey, the world’s worst Field Marshal; Hawke, Richardson, Evans, hard men of the Labour Party; Menzies, the great appeasor and Howard’s hero; McMahon; Ralph, a tax expert, Mercer, a habitual liar; Lochtenberg; Chip; Copeman; Carr, Cain, and Clough. Then we have McFarlane, 'the American’s don’t understand the Natural Gas market”,Hockey “we’ll just get the rich tourists” Bishop, Vanstone and Andrews, Anderson, struggling to make the grade.

A generation of useless show-ponies, they all think they are doing more than their fair share, and everyone else is bludging.

Before Cosgrove bows out with grand speech, and stupid photos with guess who, he should have a look at Howard’s sick, leering response to the 9/11 terrorist attack while he was in Washington, he can’t hide his glee in his first TV interviews, and remember Howard’s response to George W’s handing out contracts to the “coalition of the willing” in Nov. 03, words to the effect that the war in Iraq was all about money anyway.

Liberal Party Dirt Unit at it again

Does Howard still deny the existence of a dirt unit, or is it Howard, Abbot and Costello just exercising their Christian values, and their Divine Right to Rule.

Abbot using his outstanding journalistic skills (picked up while working at News Corp) to provide glib excuses, we must “appreciate the totality of the circumstances in which govt. operates” and talks of “economic responsibility”; its all about appealing to ignorant and apathetic Australians, Howard’s power base. Why has the govt. view of the economy changed so much since October?

Tell us about the “Rule of Law” Abbot, Costello can tell us about “the lack of skills and poor work practices” that is one of the reasons the govt. uses to lower wages.

It is Howard, Abbot and Costello who have no conception of “economic responsibility” after all their years in politics and treasury, and quite obviously can’t get their combined minds around the “totality of the circumstances in which govt. operates”

Show some backbone Malcolm Turnbull, or is he just as gutless as the rest of the backbench; another Australian “elite” passing the time with a bludgers job. After 9 years of Howard’s reforms there are more bludgers than ever, living off fewer and fewer people doing any real work, what a lucky country.