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September 30, 2005

Transparency, Shareholder vigilence, World''s Best Practice and Market Integrity, these are some of the items mentioned at the ASX AGM. When asked if the directors of Sons of Gwalia signed a Statement of Corporate Govenance and sent it into the ASX, the reply wasn''t worth repeating. Mr Newman told shareholders the ASX issued 2370 queries, resulted in 90 convictions and $533,000 in fines, an average of $5-6,000/fine,what a punishment. The NASDAQ took over $100 mill. in fines and penalties over the last year. If you ask hard questions of the ASX direcrors, your face will be put up on the ASX Wanted list and next time you go into the ASX to look at the board, the Goons will come and tell you to leave(under article 3---- of the Enclosed Building Act)and they are calling the Police to have you removed, there will be a long wait while the Police Controllers gather themselves, after enjoying the best laugh the have had for years, then the Goons will start cracking their knuckles and pulling at the wires coming out of their heads and say they will throw you out themselves, but someone pulled the right string and they started to back away,(those security guards don''''t know how lucky they were) The ASX is trying to become the worlds best supervised market, Why not call the law onto Wally King, Don Mercer, Malcolm Broomhead and Catherine Walters?

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