IR Reform

October 8, 2005

After 10yrs as PM (20 yrs of dirt-unit politics to get there) Howard has still not done anything useful,despite claiming to know about productivity and enterprise. Productivity problems in Australia start with Howard,John Anderson,Costello,and his mate Philip Weikhardt, who ran Orica into the ground, so Costello gave him a job at Productivity Commission because he had "special skills", Margret Jackson, Hugh Morgan and companies like NAB,Orica and KPMG, ASX and what it calls Corporate Govenance (if Howard would spend $70 mil. on Royal Commission into Corporate Govenance in Australia there would be no one left in The Melbourne Club) Hard charging reporters like Mat Price, Laurie Oakes and Janet Albrecthsen get paid every week to protect the Australian elites. Howard, Costello and the HR Nichols Society give us a choice of what conditions we can trade away so that Australia''s wealth creators can keep living the high life. Iraq is an Albatross around Howard''''s neck and the smell is starting to get to him, like Blair and the African debt forgivness, Bush and his some sort of New Deal, the Goodies are looking for something to be remembered for. Howard is a joke to the rest of the world, so he has to do something domestically,so he has to conjure up a problem, something the big boys will approve of and IR is the solution. One of the strengths of the Australian economy is a skilled workforce, with a good work ethic. One of the biggest problems is useless politicians, and useless business "leaders". Australian workers can make it globally,but our pollys and business leaders aren''''t in the race. IR Reform is a result of Howard, Costello and Hugh Morgan''''s medieval Methodist divine right to rule prejudices (Hugh Morgan was going to call down fire and brimstone on the heathens and unbelievers when mining was canned at Corination Hill) Costello wants more American Style IR, we see the uneducated, unskilled, unproductive American workforce on display in the American Reserves at Abu Ghraib, in New Orleans and in the American military. Costello dismissed petrol prices as no problem, to the economy, the problem is IR.(ON the problem of Climate Change, Senator Ian Cambell,minister responsible,and Alexander Downer have "a plan to save the climate and save the planet" but can''''t set a date to relase the plan. IR is the big problem, more visionary Australians)

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