IR Reform

October 15, 2005

Cosgrove wouldn''''''''t stand up to Howard, now he sits at the table with Margret Jackson at Qantas(right up there with Hugh Organ on list of useless, unproductive Australians) while Geoff Dixon gloats about giving $100,000 to the corrupt and incompetent fool, Hugh Morgan at the BCA rockshow to help push through IR Reform. All Australia has achieved from the Iraq adventure is to show the world what Australia''''''s "open for business" economy can''''''''t sustain a half decent defense force. Now Howard wants to pick the eyes out of the Fijian army, who are the UN''''''''''''''''s best and most experinced Peace-keepers, because he can''''''''t pay decent wages to Australian defence personnel, because his economy has gone nowhere for 10 years. Higher house prices doesn''''''''t pay the wages, let alone build new patrol vessels. If Hugh Organ and Margret Jackson had been told to stay at home and do nothing, and been given the dole every week all their life, the Australian economy would be billions of dollars better off. WMC was the commercial front for the HR Nichols Society, and they ran it into the ground, even with Roxby Downs and the cash flow from Alcoa Alumnia. Had to get overseas managers in to save BHP, after Margret Jackson and friends took it right to the edge, she laughed it off as a "learning experience" There won''''''''t be any bridges, ships , roads, schools, or think tanks named after John Winston Howard, he is too forgetable, (what George W calls charisma) so Howard is trying to make a name for himself now, if he can wreck the Labor Party,or break the CFMEU and any other union, he will think he has achieved something, and he doesn''''''''t care how many people he stuffs around in the process.This is what IR Reform is all about. He is being egged on by the scum at the BCA/HR Nichols Society (think Costello) and is happy to reward sycophant-contributors/wealth-creators like Cosgrove,Jackson, John Anderson, Abbot, Reith, and Pru Goward, just to name a few.

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