Collins St.

October 18, 2005

Howard has free-loaded off other people all his life. Still to have his first original idea. Imposing 20yr. outdated Thatcherisms and Reagonisms, can''''t think of anything applicable to Australian situation at the moment.Copied Bob Hawke and his I know what Australian''''s want, I''''m in touch with Australians, to cultivate the apathetic Australians, and make them his power base. That is why it is hard to get a decent debate on public policy. Low-level nuclear waste dump, Cameron and Downer have a plan to save the world''''s climate and save the planet, but can''''t set a date to announce it, Australian economic independence and FTA agreements, Foreign ownership of Australian resources and Howard''''s "open for business" economy(America and Japan own the bulk of NW Shelf gas fields, but according to McFarlane the Americans don''''t understand the NG Market) Syntroleum Gas to Liquids plant taken from NW Shelf and built in America. The Australian Entrepreneurial spirit, Hugh Morgan, Wally King, Solomon Lew, and the BCA, we need a multi-skilled, flexible (casual) workforce, now we have a skill shortage. BHP''''''''s idea of value-adding was to build the HBI Plant, sell off BHP Engineering, and it''''s IT section, if anything has to be crushed more than twice, it is too challenging for BHP.Howard provides world''''s cheapest gas to China for a photo opportunity, the Chinese Free Traders are playing with Howard the same way the good-ol-boys from Texas played with him, that special relationship, different to Blair and Clinton, who don''''t anything to do with Howard. Strong economys live off weak economys, Lee Kuan Yew said Australians would be the white slaves of Asia, small minded business and political leaders will make it happen. The first generation of people in 101 Collins St did get a few things up and running, the next generation of lazy, useless spoilt brats like Philip Weikhardt, ex ICI/Orica; given the job by his father, wrecked the company, so Costello gives him a job on the Productivity Commission, because of his "special skills", and Howard saws we need an enterprise orientated workforce, and he thinks he will lead us too it.

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