November 5, 2005

Howard''s Energy Policy, cut funding to CSIRO renewable energy research (to grow any part of the economy, just cut funding, Howard''s revolutionary economic policy) But does a special for cheap gas to China for a photo opportunity. PM''s Award for Science; PM''s Award for Excellence, all a stunt, same as "trust me" "done more for workers" "13% real wage increase" Downer and Cambell have got a plan to save the Earth''s climate, "to save the planet" but can''t work out a date to release it. Want to hold an International meeting in Adelaide, but no one is attending. Mcfarlane "the Americans don''t understand the gas market" he walked out of a meeting with the British Chief Scientest. Hockey "we''ll just get the rich tourists" Abbot and Costello, eveything they say, billions of dollars, don''t worry about it. Laurie Oakes, hard-nosed political reporter playing a vital role in Australia''s robust democracy. Hill, $150 mill. for M113 APC upgrade, gone and nothing done.John Anderson, Kings College wonderkin, the gilded youth, his eyes are dull, his head is flat, he has no brains at all; sell Telstra and set up Future Fund, so his off-farm income is secure and he can continue to do nothing, don''t worry about the 3rd world transport system . Hugh Organ, union campaign against IR Reform is lies. Obviously doesn''t listen to Howard, Hugh would know all about lies after his foray into the Canadian mining industry. Hugh is also the lowest form of low life in the mining industry, a claim-jumper. Geoff Dixon at Qantas gloats about giving $100,000 to BCA/Hugh Organ to support IR Reforms, or he will send jobs off-shore, the first jobs he should send off-shore are Margret Jackson''s and Peter Cosgrove''s, let them bludge off someone else. If you want to find the bludgers in Australia, look around Howard, his soul-mate Pru Goward is paid to sit around and look pretty, same for Nigel Hadgkiss and his Task force. Why doesn''t he look at Govt road funding, 50% is used for construction, the rest is skimmed off by Howard''s "wealth creators" and "contributors" before the first shovel goes into the ground; Have a look at Howard''s/Anderson''s $500 mill. Regional Development Fund, and Howard''s favourite Infrastructure Project at Tumby Creek, and the Equestrian Centre, and the Defense Dept. The Govt. won''t tolerate Unions causing cost over-runs. Howard gives a stupid Tractor Brigade speech to the deep-thinkers at the Sydney Institute, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs type enterprise orientated workforce. It is not IR that is outdated in Australia, it is our system of Govt, But Howard is the one who can''t handle change, not high enough IQ.

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