April 2, 2006

Ian McFarlane and John Howard don''t understand the Natural Gas Market, and have cost Australia billions of dollars. Howard talks of "wealth creation" he went out of his way to get involved in the long term gas supply contract to China, and know Australia losses billions.(Every Australian is $100,000''s better off under Howard) Ask BHP if Howard understands any sort of market. Australia will get a few royalties from the Gorgon field, that amounts to a few crumbs, the same from the gas fields the Japanese control off the NW Shelf. Australia has a skeleton defence force,(obselete Sea King Helicopters), can''t police its own borders, Customs is a joke (world- leading drug culture) Howard''s "gun control". Australia is "open for business" Howard is interested in science, George W is Howard''s scientific advisor, and has cleaned Australia out for $100''s of millions on Star Wars games, Stealth fighters and rusty tanks. The American Govt Accountability Office is asking some pretty hard questions about what is going on in the Star Wars/Missile Shield programme. Australia has no economic independence and is being taken to the cleaners while Howard chases the next photo opportunity.

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