IR Reform

April 9, 2006

Howard knows all about office pest, and people who aren''''''''t suited to the job, and hide behind inlawful dissmissal laws and then get big payouts.The AWB is a great place for Howard to start the ball rolling, and show us all how beneficial the new IR laws will be. He says none of his ministers had nothing to do with, or couldn''''''''t remember having anything to do with the couple of hundred million dollar scam. With some of the highest priced legal brains on the job, and Honest John being closely involved, it shouldn''''''''t be hard to find the culprits and sack them, there are no obstacles, only need the will to do it. Do Howard , Vaile and Downer remember being sworn into their jobs not very long ago, or they can''''''''t remember that either. The Human Resource Officers at Newscorp and Channel Nine should have a look inside the heads of Mat Price, Laurie Oaks and Australia''''''''s leading Deep Thinker Gerard Henderson and anyone else at The Sydney Institute "Think Tank"

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