April 29, 2006

Just make Australian''''s feel safer. Don''''t have to do anything, just create the impression, there is no money in his "miracle economy" to address these problems. Would be out of character for Howard to do something. He doesn''''t understand the job description for PM, he is the original Reality TV Show, just have to stay in the house longer than anyone else, lies and deceit, back-stabbing, surround your self sycophants, anything goes. Stupid speeches, reforms driven by ignorance and prejudice ("real world experience" and Australian values) Jump into the jet to chase photos with Tricia Broadbridge, Douglas Wood, Port Auther and London for the cricket, Bali commeration and anywhere the troops are. Meanwhile productivity has gone backwards since Howard implemented his "policys", the same for exports, and R&D. The backbone of the economy is the real estate bubble, sell mines, power-stations and railways to overseas investors and use the money for gerry-built apartments, the slums for the next generation, but they are $300,000 better off now. Howard might want to pay some attention to climate change, because the ice he is standing on is getting pretty thin.

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