Collins St

May 2, 2006

Vigilantes, private militias, guns and drugs, electric fences, a pin number to get into your suburb, a pin number to open the garage and a pin number for the front door. This is what Ray Evans (one of Hugh Organs offsiders) wants from Australia''''s new IR legislation. Las Vegas gets about 6 inches of rain a year, usually 2 thunderstorms, when the water hits the storm water pipes under Caesers Palace on the Las Vegas strip, a few minutes later, mattress, cupboards, lights and all the other trimmings of modern civilisation come gushing out the down-stream end . It is home to a lot of people; when the Las Vegas SWAT team get bored, half wait at the top end until the other half are in position at the bottom end, then in they go, like ferrets into a rabbit burrow, the inhabitants rush out enmass, some get away, some get caught. The Paris end of Collins St is full of Corrupt and Incompetent fools like Hugh Morgan,Ray Evans, Don Mercer and Malcolm Broomhead, (rock solid Liberals) who are quite sure no one works as hard as they do, no one else approaches their IQ levels, so they are entitled to anything they might desire. These are the people who have thrived under Howard''''s reforms.

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