March 28, 2007

Howard and Hawke both had dreams of turning Australia into some sort of super-power, based on hot air. Australia leads the world, world''s best practice, Australia punches above its weight, Howard is seen elbowing his way into photos, Australia sponsers and attends ever talk-fest going, but that is where it ends, talk is cheap. The only time Howard lead the world was in the time he took to decide to send troops to Iraq, he was unbeatable there. His economic policy is driven by the polls and the next election, that is why Australia has no economic clout, so no one takes any notice of Australia, money talks; it is a good place to look for a shark, crocidile or cane toad story, not much else. Australia "has a plan to save the planet", "Australia is going to breathe new life into the lungs of the planet", but there is next to no money for R&D,(there is an election coming up); 12 months ago govt. policy was exactly the opposite. America uses the C-17 transport planes to fly personnel to the Antartic,and has more than 1,000 people on its bases; Australia has one ship that has to wait for the wind to clear the ice so it can get to the bases, is having trouble establishing an air link after talking about it for 20 yrs, and Australia is going to save the planet; old out-dated power stations are kept in service, export gas so we can import oil, trying to run a modern economy by exporting low value products; it is deliberate govt policy to do that; high value industries were left to wither away. Everyone loves Howard when he gives away money, but no one takes much notice of him any other time.

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