March 30, 2007

Another about turn in Howard''s "policys". Ten years ago he was cutting back technical education and doing whatever he could to get people to stay at school, and go to university, trades education wasn''t really needed. The clever heads in govt. and Australia''s business "leaders" decided we were going to have a flexible, multi-skilled workforce, this is what Costello wanted when he said we need "more American style IR", he was speaking for Hugh Organ and the clowns at the HR Nichols Society. The results of that "policy" are plain to see. Tradespeople aren''t wealth creators or contributors, they were overpaid and unproductive, holding Australia back. Now we have a skills shortage, the universities are underfunded and rely on rich overseas students, and Australian students have to work more hours in a week than they spend studying. Howard has got all the right policys.

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