March 31, 2007

Downer has no trouble with Australia''s business leaders sending a couple of hundred million to Saddam Hussein, but David Hicks is a real problem,( even Howard has enough brains to be careful of AWB vs David Hicks, but not Alex). He makes a special trip to China to tell the Chinese to be tough on Nth. Korea, because the Nth. Koreans take no notice of him, tells the Africans they have to be tough on Mugabe, the Pacific Neighbours laugh at him, but Australia is still punching above it''s weight. Downer might have shown some signs of intelligence years ago, but it hasn''t lasted, he is down to the level of Abbott and Reith now, one of Howard''s "outstanding ministers" and "potential PMs". Downer''s background, breeding and education is impeccable, so why is he so stupid? This is the person Julie Bishop is proud to say taught her what an honour and priviledge it is to serve the public.

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