April 1, 2007

Howard uses Abbott and Downer to do his dirty work, they can can use their elite educations to make Australia a better place for all Australians. John Anderson and Julie Bishop have used their elite educations to add so much to Australia. Howard floats around in a bubble of ignorance and prejudice, and these people support him every step of the way. It has been a deliberate policy of govt. and business to dumb down the workforce, and call it reform; Abbott talked about the rule of law, mutual obligation and individual accountability while he was Minister for Unemployment, but that is for others, not the govt. Only Abbott can understand "the totality of Govt" These people sit around in the party room and discuss how to go about their dirty work, and then spend $100''''s of millions on Royal Commissions, IR "Reforms" and more policies. Downer was the Liberals best and brightest a few years ago, now he is just a yapping idiot, the face of Australia''''s foreign "policy"

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