April 3, 2007

Australia has never been so deeply in debt, our trade performance is going from bad to worse, productivity is going backwards (mainly due to lazy useless politicians), and Costello thinks rising petrol prices are a major problem. Costello is the long serving, loyal (?) deputy to Australia''s worst ever PM, one of the worst speakers in parliament, gets a smirk consultant to help him look good, and is quite sure he is entitled to be PM, he is the George Gregan of Australian politics. At the National Press Club, Costello even tried a bit of stand up comedy, he would try anything to avoid talking about the economy, and the amount of money that is leaving Australia. It is supposedly boom times, govt has never had so much money, he is the best economic manager, but can''t have tax cuts, that must indicate there is some problem; so just ignore it, leave it to someone else, its the Reserve Bank''s problem.

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