Journos, M Price

April 6, 2007

Greg Sheridan gets his cash for comment from the American arms industry, Janet Albrechtsen gets a cushy govt. job at the ABC,and Matt Price can''t get anything, so far, and he is Rupert''s best and brightest multi-skilled reporter. Howard plied him with free whiskey, and in return Price describes Howard as an "iron disciplinarian"; on top of being a man of steel, vision, courage, character, vision, charisma, someone who draws strength from being treated like a simpleton, and great strategic thinker, and a giant on the world stage. Rudd has got no hope until he gets the nod from Mat Price. Murdoch and the journos at Newscorp have been conned by a simpleton, or was Rupert doing a George W, and just using Howard because he is stupid?

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