Charles Copeman

April 8, 2007

Sleazy, corrupt company directors like Copman''s mate Malcolm Broomhead work to a policy of voluntary compliance and self regulation, but Howard''s IR Reform is 700 pages of regulation. Broomhead sacked more than a 1,000 workers at Orica, and most of the savings went straight into Broomheads pocket, Catherine Walters, and Dr Chaney"s mate Don Mercer got a cut for themselves, and their pay packets are still tied to the scam that Broomhead set up when he moved in on Orica, one of the best pay packages in Australia, and Broomhead was the only taker, because he was the only one who would stoop low enough to take it. Don Mercer at Orica is a thief and liar, Catherine Walters is one of the most corrupt and incompetent company directors in Australia, Maurice Newman at the ASX is aware of this, and Catherine Walters says we shouldn''t be too hard on Australian company directors. Howard''s economic policy is all about giving free-reign to Australia''s lazy, useless company directors, and forcing Australian workers to work harder for less, wants workers to cash in holidays, trade off conditions. Howard talked off getting rid of the office pest, Howard is the office pest, the pox docters clerk, the one who does next to nothing, but thinks he is indispensible.

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