Collins St

June 3, 2007

Howard, BHP and the Business Council of Australia are whipping up a storm about Union bosses controlling the Labor party, but have no problems with sleazy corrupt Australian buiness leaders running the Liberal party. Don mercer at Orica, Newcrest and Australian Institute of Company Directors is a thief and liar, Catherine Walters at Orica, and ex ASX, is the most corrupt and incompetent company director in Australia; Dr Chaney has a lot of respect for Don Mercer, he still votes for Mercer and Walters. This is how Howard''''s business friendly flexible corporate govenance works, nod and a wink, don''t tell me. Costello won''t give ASIC any money, so they can''t look at Costello''s sleazy Collins St mates i.e. Philip Weikhardt or Dr. Lochtenberg. This is the only thing Howard and Costello have in common, they will do anything for a pat on the head from the big boys.

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