Honest John

June 4, 2007

The party whose policy for the last 11 yrs. has been to let manufacturing, and value adding industries wither away, and let Australia''s infrastucture rust away and just dig coal, iron ore and LNG and sell it to China for as little as possible? That is the reason Howard turned a blind eye to climate change, 11 yrs. of wrong economic policy. The party who calls a real estate bubble economic growth? The PM who took longer to decide to stop the cricketers going to Zimbabwe, than he took to decide to send troops to Iraq? The PM who Dick Cheney describes as a man of character, an honest man? The PM who "I''m a Marine Officer" Dick Armitage calls a good mate? The PM who George W treats like a simpleton, and Tony Blair can''t stand the sight of? The PM whose turns a blind eye to interest and dividends to the gnomes of Zurich, calls China a free trading nation before he starts negotiating a free trade agreement with them, that is non-negotiable, while Europe, America and Canada China''s idea of "free trade" The secret to Howard''s economic "miracle"? free trade and "Australia is open business"

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