June 9, 2007

Howard has done nothing all his life but wants everyone to work until they are 80; how many 80 yr. olds does Chip Goodyear at BHP employ? how many 80yr. does Dr. Chaney employ at the NAB? Howard is the sleaziest and most corrupt PM Australia has ever had, we now have a sleazy corrupt legal system, and sleazy corrupt business leaders. Howard has set up "dob in lines" for all Australians; he then gets his sleazy, corrupt mates to protect the AWB, then yaps about Australian values and a coarser society. He topped up the politicians pay straight after the last election, yet we have a 3rd world transport system, power and water shortages, more and more speed restrictions on railways, and are now trying to rebuild railways that were torn up years ago, and rebuild the tecnical education system we had before it was "reformed". Yhis what he claims as an economic miracle, the rest of the world is so envious of. No one else has the economic skills of Howard and Costello.

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