Honest John

June 11, 2007

Howard set out to reshape Australian society using his "Australian values". He deliberatly appealed to apathetic Australians with his posing and posturing, flying all over the world for a photo opportunity, and "talks", and now Australia has never been so irrelevant, mostly a laughing stock. George W can still get a crowd in Albania, but Howard can''''t get a crowd anywhere, not even East Timor. Tony Abbott pushed unemployed people onto TPI welfare to make his unemployment figures look good, then yaps about mutual obligation and individual accountability, the rule of law, and people refusing jobs, then sets up dob-in lines, Abbott is sure he is holier than the heathens who pay his wages, and he thinks Howard is a supa-hero, Howard is proud of the middle class welfare system they have set up; Abbott should be made pay back his Rhodes scholarship, it has been wasted.Howard says home ownership is good for the Aboriginal communities, but he has denied it to this generation of Australians. One of the first things Howard did after the last election was to top up the pay of the parliamentarians, no strings attached, but every one else in Australia has to go to work with the fear of god up them, instant dismissal for all workers, but Howard wants to extend the parliamentary term. A year ago evreything had to be done Howard''s way, or there would be no money, now after a few bad poles he says he is working constructivley with every one in sight; after 30 years with his front feet in the public trough, Howard is still driven by ignorance and prejudice.

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