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June 15, 2007

Mental Margaret, the Management Consultant, is still gouging what she can out of Qantas; when you are Howard''s favourite blonde bimbo, you don''t have too many worries about holding a job. The Good Dr. Chaney has either been overwhelmed by the sleaze and corruption at the NAB, or he is part of it, nothing has changed over the years at NAB. Don Mercer at Orica, and Newcrest, is a thief and liar, Catherine Walters is right up there with the most corrupt company directors Australia has ever produced. Wallace King and his good mate Hugh Organ, and Geoff Dixon still stand tall in Australian business circles, know all about about the problems that everyone else is causing in Australia. While Howard''s good mate Maurice Newman is Chairman of the ASX, they have not a worry in the world. Sleaze and corruption drives business and politics in Australia today. The Good Dr. Chaney at the Business Council of Australia is going to back the sleaziest and most corrupt PM Australia has ever had, and his IR "Reforms". Howard wines and dines useless Australian managers, the people he calls "wealth-creators" and "contributors". Howard''s economic policy is to take Australia back to where Africa was 50 yrs. ago, a supplier of bulk, low value commodities to the rest of the world, a no brain economy. Everything possible is done to keep cheap gas flowing to China, but can''t get enough gas for the domestic market in Australia, and in return Chinese companies work together to get a share of Australia''s minerals, the Australian company that bows the lowest gets the nod, and a few crumbs, Howard calls this free trade. Australian business leaders pay 000''s to sit down with Howard, this passes for world''s best practice in Australia, that is why Australia leads the world in every known field, and then when something has to be done, just import someone.

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