June 19, 2007

We can watch the good Dr. Chaney saying how much he admires Don Mercer at Orica, Don Mercer is a thief and liar. Lets see the videos of the ASX AGMs, and watch Howard''s good mate Maurice Newman doing all he can trying to protect Catherine Walters, who is probably the most corrupt and incompetent company director in Australia today, but when the govt. has a policy of flexible corporate govenance, everthing is alright. Newman used that video to try and put the police onto an ASX shareholder. Lets have a look at the Leighton videos of their AGMs, and Orica AGMs. Watch the chairman giving the nod to the person in charge of the recording to hit the switch, kill it. These companies spend a lot of shareholders money to record these meetings, how long do they keep a copy. It should be law that every shareholder meeting is recorded and kept for 10 years. Corporate govanence is the worst it has ever been in Australia, in the 80s it was just the cowboys, now it is Australia''s blue-chip companies that are running the scams, with a nod and wink from the ASX.

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