I R Reform

June 28, 2007

They are both up to their ears in sleaze and corruption; they are both firm believers in the medieval divine right to rule, they can pick and choose when they have to act honestly, and both about the same level of intelligence. Both very careful to put on a good show, create the impression they are squeaky clean, but at the same time involved in multi-million dollar scams. Chaney calls for the CFMEU to be de-registered, but he is using his position as Chairman of the NAB to cover up for Don Mercer, Catherine Walters, UNI-Super and the Orica pipline scam. Don Mercer is a liar and thief, and Dr Chaney has a lot of respect for him, Mercer is also one of Australia''s most useless company directors, his record speaks for itself, so naturally he is on the board of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Dr Chaney likes Howard''s policy of flexible corporate govenance, got to let company directors have a go, to show their stuff, that good old "spirit of Australian entrepreneurship", can''t hold them back with messy restrictive regulations. We are in the middle of a mining boom, mining is all about scams, always has been, but not this time, Howard''s good mate Maurice Newman at the ASX has that avenue covered up; just have to get rid of those unions. Get the whole workforce subdued like Australian journalists, many more journos than there are jobs, hand feed the gutless journos like Matt Price, Laurie Oakes and Janet Albrechtsen, so they can get the first draft of history just right, and take any journo that speaks out to court

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