June 30, 2007

Howard is showing his true character now that he is under a bit of pressure. His Australian values are just a smokescreen for apathetic Australians, behind it is Howard''s medieval methodist divine right to rule mentality, anything goes. Lazy journos like Matt Price and Laurie Oakes are happy to go along with it, soak up Howard''s free whiskey; Howard rewards bludgers, don''t ask any hard questions, and he will always give them some of his precious time. These journos are like Rupert, they can''t admit they have been conned by a simpleton, Dr.Chaney, Hugh Morgan and Wally King are no better, or are they using Howard because he is stupid? The only policy Howard has ever had was how to get the PMs job. Business leaders have "power lunches" with Howard, pay for the priviledge to rub shoulders with the sleaziest, most corrupt PM Australia has ever had, then do what they can to cut wages. There is something seriously wrong with a party that can put up leaders like McMahon, Alexander Downer and Howard in quick succession.

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