IR Reform

July 7, 2007

There is a lot more honesty and integrity in the Union Movement than there is in the Howard''s govt. Newman at the ASX, and Dr.Chaney at the Business Council of Australia are both using their positions to protect sleazy corrupt Australian company directors. Chaney is up to his ears in sleaze and corruption, nothing has changed at the NAB, Chaney is covering up the NAB, Orica ,Uni-super scam, as is Newman at the ASX. Call a deal "wealth creation", and every thing is OK, nod and a wink, that is how the free market works. Howard set out to take Australia further down the free market track than any other country, and it plainly isn''t working, and Howard and Chaney need someone to blame. Chaney is like his American namesake, he has a dark side and you don''t have to scratch to deep to find it, like Howard he is careful to cultivate a good image, be seen at the right places, but he doesn''t like the spotlight. The BCA is collecting money to back Howard and his IR Reforms, but not a peep out of them about Solomon Lew and Coles (Lew''s Theory of Competition), Wally King and Hugh Morgan''s Strategic Alliance, AWB, Orica and Malcolm Broomhead''s pay package, which Orica''s board still uses to line their own pockets. Keep the spotlight on IR Reform, because Corporate Govenance in Australia is a joke.

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