Productivity Commission

June 6, 2008

Philip Weikhardt is a complete no-hoper, has been involved in some of Australia''s worst corporate crime, he took a couple of years to wreck the company that his father spent a lift-time building up, so Costello gave him a job on the Productivity Commission because of his "special skills". The Productivity Commission talked about plastic bags, put out a report, and nothing happened, if plastic bags are too hard, what hope is there of doing somthing for the car industry? Who are the people that sit around the table with Weikhardt and decide what is productive and what isn''t? It is about time the Productivty Commission had a bit of light shone on it. How productive has the privitisation of Telstra been? The privatisation of the electricity generators in NSW is being opposed because a big proportion of the public are sick of hearing about non-existent benefits. We have had years of "refrms" and Australia''s productivity is in steady decline, it is about time the Productivity Commission got a good dose of reform, or got a few people with a lot more brain power involved.

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