BHP, Don Argus

July 26, 2008

Instead of dumbing down the workforce to just dig iron ore and coal, we need to move on from basic primary production. BHP is pulling down the HBI plant at Pt. Hedland, part of BHP''''s committment to value-add to its iron ore production that BHP made to the govt. when mining first started in the 70''''s. After the HBI plant turned into a disaster, BHP had a whinge to the govt, that it was all too hard and got released from the value-adding. BHP is part of the North West Shelf gas project that supplies the cheapest gas in the world to China, and will continue to do so for the next 20 years, while Perth has the most expensive gas in Australia, and suffers regular gas shortages; just rip the gas out and get it on a ship, no R&D into new fuels or looking to the future. Australian business leaders were solidly hehind the sleaziest, most corrupt and dumbest PM Australia has ever had, namely John Winston Howard; did Don Argus ever tell Howard to "get smarter" He talks about Australia losing competitiveness; one of the main reasons Australia is going backwards is because of sleazy corrupt Australian business leaders who can''''t compete in the real world, people like Dr. Chaney, Don Mercer, Catherine Walters, Wally King and Hugh Morgan. Lets see Don Argus lead the way in the process of getting smarter, instead of telling everyone else to "get smarter"

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