Saint Dr. Chaney

July 28, 2008

She probably keeps it in the fridge, its payback time. Squeaky clean Dr. Chaney must realise now that to get a job in Melbourne, you have to be corrupt and/or incompetent. Costello has been doing the job he was elected to do, that is protect the sleazy corrupt Melbourne business set. Howard and Maurice Newman are doing the same in Sydney, keeping Wally King safe, making sure Australia''s sleazy corrupt business leaders don''t have to take any risks. Costello is going to bring down "the full weight of the law" on the people he socializes with? he is to gutless. His "mate" Philip Weikhardt should be in jail, not appling his "special skills" to Australia''s plastic bag problem with the Productivity Commission. Lets have a few replays of John Stewart''s first TV interviews after he took the job at the NAB, he was making all the write noises then, he has changed nothing at the NAB, just protecting his mate Don Mercer at Orica, and having a holiday in the sun. Corporate govenance in Australia is a nod and a wink; the ASX is a farce.

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