August 2, 2008

"We need more American style IR", "buy a lawnmower", to unemployed Australians; from someone who can''''t get a real job. If we need more "American style IR", lets also have more American style corporate govenance. We would see a lot of Costello''''s "mates" coughing up millions in penalties and spending a lot of time in court fighting class actions , and losing. Philip Weikhardt, Graeme Liebelt, Catherine Walters, Don Mercer, Dr. Loctenberg and Malcolm Broomhead would be dragged into court on the first day of American style Corporate Govenance, with many, many, many millions of dollars being returned to shareholders and then a few jail terms handed out for stealing money from shareholders. Australia has some of the highest paid company directors in the world, yet they can never make it in the real world; how many Australian blue chip companies have had to get overseas talent in to sort out the messes created by sleazy, corrupt Australian company directors????. They have relied on Howard, Costello and Maurice Newman at the ASX to give them all they want and then generous tax cuts as a bonus for doing nothing. If Australian business leaders were creating as much wealth as they make out they have been doing, we wouldn''''t have any problems with the health system, we would have enough docters, police, teachers and nurse, we would have a first world transport system, we would have enough water, electricity and gas. Costello was the loyal, long serving deputy to Australia''''s sleaziest, most corrupt and dumbest PM Australia has ever had, and now the Liberals think he can save them, more fool them.

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