August 5, 2008

Costello is supposed to be the best parliamentry performer, the greatest orator in parliament, (saying "Mr.Speaker, Mr.Speaker, Mr.Speaker" before each sentence makes him a great orator) Costello is being begged to take the leadership, Joe Hockey fancies his chances as a Liberal leader and future PM, this is Howard''s legacy, a totally disfunctional Liberal party. Costello is like Howard, a sleazy, corrupt, suburban solicitor, who has been given a blue ribbon seat and is expected to repay the favour by protecting the sleazy, corrupt Melbourne business set. Costello was the loyal, long serving deputy to Australia''''s worst PM, Howard''s backup while he set out to destroy the Union movement, destroy the Labour party, and reshape Australia; even Costello realizes that the less he says the more popular he is, but he can''t grasp the significance of that fact.

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