August 11, 2008

When the spotlight switches to Geoff Dixon and the way he did his job its a different story; he didn''t hesitate to jump in front of a camera and threaten to send jobs overseas if he didn''t get his way, now there are questions about the way he did his job, and there is no sign of him now; grab the money and run, no care, no responsibility, showing the sleazy, corrupt style of management he learnt at Leightons,(breaking contracts is a Leightons speciality). Where is Margaret Jackson now? she reckons the shareholders were stupid. What sort of golden handshake did Jackson and Dixon get? Geoff Dixon, Margaret Jackson, Wally King, Dr. Chaney and the Business Council of Australia are starting to look pretty stupid now after putting shareholders funds into the BCA slush fund they set up to back Australia''s worst ever PM, Honest John Howard.

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