Greg Sheridan

August 15, 2008

A year ago Greg Sheridan was bragging about how Australia could invade the neighbours all on its own. The Australian military can''t move its own wounded soldiers without international help. Howard sent a ship and a helicopter to Fiji to protect Australians???, he was trying to conjure up his own version of the Iranian Embassey seige in London, part of his "Australia punches above its weight" fantasy. Sheridan trys to blame the Hawke and Keating govt. cutbacks for the state of Australia''s defense forces now, but it was Howard as Treasurer who started taking big chunks out of the defense budget. Australia''s defense budget as a percentage of GDP is still less than when Howard started as Treasurer. As soon as Howard got into power in 1996 he tried to wreck the Collins submarines so he could discredit Kim Beazley; Sheridan completely ignores that fact. The Australian defense forces are like Australian infrastructure, they have been underfunded for years, and led by clowns like Cosgrove who obviously never had the guts to stand up to Howard.

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