Car Industry

August 22, 2008

Australian clever-heads want to close down Australia''s biggest maufacturing industry, but no one has come up with a single suggestion of what to replace it with; leave that up to the magic markets, the markets know best. Clever-heads want to stop farming in Australia and import all our food, they expect everyone else in the world to eat less so Australians can concentrate on digging coal and iron ore (the clever country, Australia leads the world). The Free Market will provide, it will make us wealthier and happier. The Free Market is a theory only, that is all it ever will be. It suits Detroit to close down car plants anywhere else in the world except America, the Australian car industry is one of the most efficient in the world, more stand alone than in any other country, the govt. should be expected to support it, as an example what can be achieved. The Productivity Commission???? should be dissolved and the people on it put into more productive work, people like Philip Weikhardt should be put on dole on the proviso that they stay at home and do nothing.

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