Flexible Workforce

August 29, 2008

How many people have BHP employed from the fruit-picking industry? The HR dept. would automaticaly discard any applications with fruit picking listed, they want to know your work history for the last 5 years. How many jobs do BHP offer to people with no mining experience? What does it take to make a good dump-truck driver? (Steering wheel attendant) What skills are required to drive up and down the same road 20 times each shift? Leightons require people to have 2yrs. plant operating before they will be considered able to drive a roller or a water-truck. This is the dumbing down of the workforce that has had a lot to do with causing the skill-shortage. Human Resources just want people who show no inclination to think, thinking can cause all sorts of problems. Multi-skilling is never mentioned now, 10 yrs. ago it was all the rage, another failed reform. Human Resource officers are like the dump-truck drivers, just toe the company line, don''t think, don''t make waves or they could end up fruit picking. This is workplace in the "clever country", the "knowledge nation"

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