Howard\'s Legacy

July 24, 2010

From Day 1 as PM Howard started to strangle the Industrial Relations Commission, and his last gamble was Work Choices????. The result of this is the unions have more power than they have ever had in Australia's great age of reform. Now Howard's favourite disciple, Tony Abbott is leading the Liberal Party even further into oblivion. If the Liberals had the guts to do what obviously had to be done and dump Howard they would almost certianly to be in government now, even with the cardboard cut-out Costello as leader. Howard has obviously been told to shut-up and stay out of sight, (should be helping his good mate Abbott out), and potential PM's Costello and Downwer are having hissy-fits whenever they see a camera. If the Liberals assasinated Abbott and made Malcolm Turnbull leader the polls would show an immediate improvement in the Liberal vote, but Liberals hate change, they believe in The Divine Right to Rule.

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