Boof-headed voters

August 7, 2010

Australian values, Australia punches above it's weight, un-Australian, BBQ stoppers, smirk consultants, plucked eyebrows, blow waves, cosmetic dentistry, Australians are the most electrolly aware people in the world. This is the garbage that we are fed at election time, and a lot of Australians are happy to swallow it. Laurie Oakes is supposedly one of Australia's most experienced political reporters, he supposedly rights the first drafts of our history, no other journalist will say a word about his stupidity. Bob Hawke's legacy to Australia is John Howard, both set themselves up as all Australian boys, they both cultivated the apathetic Australian vote. Leave it all to us we speak for all Australians. Australia has been going nowhere for years, yet Australian pollies have a never ending list of great "reforms" that have made Australia the greatest country in the world.

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