November 17, 2010

The crims follow the money, now with Malcolm Broomhead on the board of BHP the crims have got to the highest level of business in Australia. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall when Jack Nasser talks to Dr. Michael Chaney AO about Malcolm Broomhead's other life. Dr. Chaney said he had a lot of respect for Don Mercer, chairman of Orica while Malcolm Broomhead was CEO, but the mention of Don Mercer now seems to aggrivate Saint Dr. Chaney (Saint Dr. Chaney and Don Mercer were both members of The Aust. Financial Review Dream Team of Australian company directors) Malcolm Broomhead stole $30-40 million from the small shareholders at Orica, but he must be feeling the GFC and has gone back in for a few million more. Who nominated Broomhead for BHP??? What sort of background check do BHP do??? The shareholders are told time after time that compliance takes up so much of the directors time. Compliance is used as a reason for obcene pay rises for company directors. Dr Chaney moves his man from director at NAB to chairman at Orica, and then we are told the board is independently assesed for performance, any one not up to scratch will be shown the door.

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