Greg Sheridan

March 24, 2012

Greg Sheridan should tell us what all the Major Geherals, Vice Admirals and Air Commodores do all day. They seen to spend their time writing reports on pretty coloured paper that always come to nothing. Perhaps they just waiting for the day when Sheridan's and John Howard's plan to invade all the neighbours will be put into action ("It will be a great sight" watching the Australian Navy landing the Australian Army on a tropical beach after the Navy supa-subs have landed Australian supa-soldiers and the dreaded enemy has already surrended) These are the same supa-subs that could sink American aircraft carriers anytime anywhere, and helped Australia to punch above its weight. After Sheridan's cash for comment trip to America, paid for by the American Military-Industrial complex no doubt, where he shot down three Russians, he should have his name painted on the side of an F-18 so he is ready to go at a moments notice. Australia has probably one of the most top heavy defense forces in the world, after getting everthing they wanted from Howard they are now complaining because they are losing their pampered position. Australia has never had a strong officer corps ( Thomas Blamey was one of the worlds worst Field Marshalls). There has always been a sleazy sub-culture at Duntroon and the ADF

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