Australian Intellectuals

April 14, 2012

Tony Abbott fancies himself as Australia's greatest Deep Thinker, Australia has big problems if this is the case. Germaine Greer is another Australian "giant on the world stage". Abbott hopes if he hangs around with George Pell it might make him look a lot smarter than he is. Abbot says Australian voters are smart (remember the mob that were hanging around Parliament House that Abbott was happy to be involved with) he claims The Chasers "do brilliant work", and he reckons Blahnarby Joyce knowa what he is talking about. There is a strong anti-science movement in Australian society at the moment and Abbott is very much anti-science, "climate change is crap" and economics is not worth a mention, (Abbott's response to the GFC was do nothing). Abbott is like howard and Hawke {Australia's first Bogan}, he is lokking to cultivate and reward the apathetic and ignorant Australians.

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