Gina Rinhart

June 9, 2012

Australia, the clever country & leader of the world in all fields has missed the mining boom Xstrata bought MIM for $1.70 a share, Hugh Morgan sold the St.Ives gold operations to South Africans for a song, and was begging anyone to buy WMC, foreign investors bought Normandy and Delta Gold in the lead up to the boom. Foreign Investors bought the Australian cement companies, BHP was recovering from a near death experince brought on by the good ol boys in the sleazy,corrupt Melbourne Busines Establishment, and was hamstrung by the single rail line to Port Hedland. The Hancocks have been sitting on Roy Hill for 40yrs and now want ot bring it into production so they can extinguish whatever boom was left. But like all good Australians, these people that bungled the boom aren't shy about dishing out free advice to people who aren't as clever as they are.

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