Australia vs America

December 8, 2012

Australia gave it's cheap gas away to China and kept the most expensive, stranded gas for its own use. The Guandong Gas "Agreements" (sign up for the lowest price for the longest time possible) resulted in the squandering of some of the best of Australia's natural resources for a very negligable benefit for Australia (Perth has dearest gas in Australia). This is Australia, the "clever country", the Australia that "punches above its weight". America is already using its cheap gas to give it some advantage over its competitors, getting some half decent value for what it produces. Australia still hasn't learnt, after financing Victorian England with hundreds of tons of Australian gold; Jack Lang was dumped so that the Bank of England could get the first cut of any money Australia had during the Depression, and still Australia rolls over anytime a foreign investor clicks their fingers; Australia leads the world at kow-towing.

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