Woodside agm, St Dr Michael Chaney AO

April 21, 2016

If there was any chance of St Dr Michael Chaney AO, & Chancellor of the UWA ever acting honestly, Don't Argue Don Argus AO would never have invited Chaney to join the sleazy, corrupt Melbourne Business Establishment, ( aka, "the cigar smoking Melbourne Club guys"), probably Australia's biggest organised crime syndicate, clubhouse at the Melbourne Club. Peter Costello was their political contact, KPMG did the corrupt bookwork, and the BCA are the public face and lobby group. Chaney says it is the duty of a company director to speak out about IR issues, but he ignore his duty to "act honestly". Overseas shareholders can see that Australian company directors are pretty useless, but Australia, that "nation of shareholders" have John Howard's world beating "Australian values" to guide them. Woodside drilled one well of East Africa and pulled out, since then other better run companies have found 4 times as much gas off East Africa as is on the North West shelf, and St Dr Michael has a sooky fit because his pay deal was voted down. Every cent Chaney has taken from Woodside is stolen money, that is undeniable, but Chaney is the University Chancellor that hates the truth.

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