Business Council of Australia, Cigar smoking Melb. Club guys

March 21, 2017

For years the Cigar Smoking Melbourne Club guys & BCA, (Hugh Morgan AO, St Dr Michael Chaney AO) complained about unskilled, unproductive, overpaid Australian workers making Australia uncompetitive in the new, globalised world. Now with Australia's Technical Schools reformed into a shambles, ever more stupid work practices dreamed up by useless Australian managers, a the new privatised, pro-free market Australia, world leading Australia a world laughing stock, who is responsible ???. Where is Australia's Master CEO, Wal King AO, the man who would have us believe he shattered his "key performance indicators" every year, and so was forever underpaid. When he left Leightons, the top tradesman had all done their apprenticeships at Government workshops, why should Wunderkin Wal risk losing his bonuses to train apprentices ???. It is the sleazy, corrupt, Cigar smoking Melbourne Club guys, and their sleazy, corrupt political cronies, (Peter Costello) who can't make it in the new globalised, free market world.

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