Towering Intellects vs Intellectual Pygmies

The recent gathering of Cardinals and World Leaders in Rome really highlights the current debate about lack of skills, and problems with elite education.

The only people Howard could have held a conversation with would have been Blair and George W; Blair doesn‘t want him anywhere near him, George W got the FTA, and $100 mil. for 60 clapped out tanks, so there is no spare cash in Australia, so nothing to talk about, and the lead up to the budget confirms; Howard had already made a fool of himself at Davos, so he had to send the GG to do the job.

With high profile business “leaders” going to jail all over the world on a regular basis; Churchill, FDR, and Curtin being replaced by the likes of Blair, Bush and Howard ( all lap-dogs for big business ) you can‘t help but wonder why these clowns claim so many privledges for themselves, not to mention their ridiculous starting salaries.

The Business world has always copied the military for its management systems (U.S. Army is the biggest transport company in the world ) D Day and various wars have provided cos. with management systems; most managers contribute nothing, look at the books, and the people who buy them in the Self Help for Useless Managers section of any book store

In Australia we blessed with Hugh Organ ( obviously not refering to his brain, most likely the thing his mother used to lift him out of the bath with, his survey peg ) and Wally King, both stalwerts of the Business Council of Australia, get cleaned out every time they go overseas, do nothing (don‘t resist ) Don Argus, still coming to terns with what Brian Gilbertson did to him. C.Y. O‘Conner has been replaced by Harold Clough. Sir John Monash replaced by John Cain and Joan Kirner.

These people all give free advice about why everyone else has to work harder and smarter for less money. They would have us believe that without their words of wisdom and steadying influence, the peasants would resort to eating each other, so we owe them so much. Dr Hawkes, the principal of Kings College wrote a public letter, bragging about the wonderful things his “elites” do for society, John Anderson makes a lie of just about everything in the letter.

We are all better for the likes of Dr Greer, Dr Hawkes, Dr Gallop, Dr Lochtenberg, Dr Lawrence, Dr Nelson, I don‘t think so. We have had a generation of Intellectual Pygmies at the top levels of business (plenty of company breakers, no company makers) and at the top of Australian politics.